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Have you ever created an account on a new platform and did nothing with it? Perhaps, you should not do this with MemberHub – the world’s greatest membership platform. It’s created by Karthik Ramani with the ideas of making everybody succeed! That’s what my friend told me a few days ago to introduce MemberHub to me.

After using it, I had found some great things to share with you about this product. In this MemberHub Review, you’re going to get some basics about MemberHub and its benefits as well.


What is MemberHub?

MemberHub is somehow like WordPress – a self-service membership management and collaboration tool for organizations members. With it, you can manage your own schedules and find out the other as well. More than that, you could also immediately communicate with all the members via email and text messaging. Image giant benefits when it comes to your business.

Sound great, right! Take a deep breath and read my MemberHub Review to know prominent features of this blog.

Features of MemberHub

Create as Many Membership Sites as You Want

This is one of MemberHub’s core features that I like the most. Come on, who don’t want to have an unlimited membership site, right? Just by clicking the button, you can own as many membership sites and add as many products as you want to each membership. WOW!

Free to Choose your Themes and Create your Master Templates

By clicking, you can quickly change your themes. MemberHub has dozens of fantastic choices for you. After you get the one you want, now it’s time for customizing it. This feature will make your MemberHub site unique and powerful, for sure.

Add as Many Products as You Want to Your Membership Site

It will make you happy as you can add many products to your membership sites as you want and manage products in a smart way.

Everything is Saved from Lost

There is one more cool thing about MemberHub is that the entire database including media, resources, rewards, and so on are saved into a unique library. You are then able to retrieve those items from it on the fly.

Gamification to Keep your Members Engaged

MemberHub is more than just a blog. The most awesome feature is that you can create goals, assign points, rewards, and so much more!

The Best Monetization Tool You ever Have Known

Inside of MemberHub, you can find some options for your monetization, choose the best fit and focus on your target pages.

Everything is Under Control

It does not mean that this platform is hard to use. It’s completely flexible but flexible under your control. In detail, you can control how the features are being used. This feature makes MemberHub user-friendly!

Create Unlimited Sales Page Instantly

MemberHub is a making money machine. Every product you uploaded can be included in your sale pages immediately.

Add all Types of Payment in MemberHub

Who don’t want a fast and easy way of payment? Whatever kind of pay you need (Paypal, Visa, Master Card), they all are in MemberHub.

With MemberHub, you Own the Affiliate!

After completing membership and products setup, it’s time to let your members sell in the same affiliate – which belongs to your possess.

Who Need to Use it?

Well, I think everyone should use it. Not only it can make money online (which is the hottest reason) but also it helps to bring the whole world to the screen for us. Must-buy persons are Internet Marketers, Agencies, Online Business Owner.

Price and How to Buy It

The front-end cost is only $297. Another choice for you is the Pro version with $197 per year or MemberHub agency version with $1997 for the lifetime with thousands of active customers.

To purchase this product, you visit here. It’s the JV Page where allows you to sign up and grab the product.

How does It Work?

Step 1: Create your Membership Site

Step 2: Choose a Template

Step 3: Add Media, Rewards, Banners or Anything


MemberHub is like a whole world within a platform! You can control, check, manage both your business and social life. This is the biggest benefit of it. It’s fast and convenient also. When you master of using this amazing tool, you can make money and grow the relationship at the same time.

Moreover, the interface of MemberHub is quite friendly to user although it has many well-done features as I mentioned above in this MemberHub Review.


So far, I still cannot find its dark sides. It’s good to hear that, right?

MemberHub Review – Conclusion

MemberHub is the beloved baby for 2 years of Karthik Ramani – so, no doubt about its benefits. I may not review all good points, and I’m sure you can find more about this platform. One more great news for you – MemberHub has a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee to prevent you from risks.

Don’t waste the time, be the early bird to explore and get the best price of this kiss-ass monetization platform!

Thanks for reading my MemberHub Review!

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