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I make sure that you are quite hard to look for any information about Nimbus. You wonder whether its functions are completely exact what are advertising. Congratulate! You find the right place to get information about this tool from my honest Nimbus review.

I knew Nimbus by accident when I was surfing on a popular SEO forum, I saw members who were discussing this tool lively. They said that Nimbus was the most powerful SEO game-changer tool in 2016 and using Nimbus helped them research keywords easier and more exactly. Some other members also said Nimbus helped increasing their website ranking and no one complained about Nimbus. Therefore, I decided to buy it immediately. On the first day of use, I was amazed about its great features. I have never used any SEO tool better than this before. You’re so curious, aren’t you? Keep reading my Nimbus review to discover many interesting things about it.

First of all, I want you to have an overview of the product information.

Nimbus Review – Overview

  • Product Name : Nimbus – SEO Artificial Intelligence Tool
  • Product Creator : Alex Cass
  • Launch Date : 2016-04-05 at 11:00 EDT
  • Price : $597
  • Salespage : nimbusrank.io
  • Niche : Software/Tool

Second, I will give you the concept of Nimbus in detail.



What is Nimbus SEO Tool?

Before giving the definition of Nimbus, I want to ask you a question : Do you know what SEO is?

Yes. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of the traffic naturally through search results on search engines. SEO helps your websites optimize to be ranked higher than thousands of others in response to a search query. Thus, SEO plays the important role in the website ranking.

Understand these issues, Alex Cass and his team have studied hard to create a new tool that can support to boost your website rankings easier and faster. It names Nimbus.

Nimbus is the SEO tool which allows you to rank for correct keywords with buyer’s intent in the higher position than your competitors. With the instructions of Nimbus’ Artificial Intelligent SEO Assistant, you can map out a specific plan to get traffic to your desired website.

In the process of doing SEO, if you have any difficulty in finding targeted keywords, backlink resources or backlink checklist, Nimbus can totally find them and even fix your mistakes. This tool is worth of GOLD key to SEOer, especially for a newbie like me.

So, What is included in Nimbus SEO artificial intelligence tool? And Why do those make me awesome? Continue reading the next parts of my Nimbus SEO review.

The Great Features of Nimbus – SEO Artificial Intelligence Tool

There are 7 main features of Nimbus and 1 bonus, Those are :

  1. Nimbus SEO Research Tool with Artificially Intelligent Assistant, Mobile-Ready :

I think that this is the greatest feature of Nimbus. This supports me find focus keywords exactly and even it gives the suggestions and points out the errors when I write the articles like Adding H1,H2, writing the standard description and title. This helps me have the good, SEO-friendly articles. Nimbus don’t require many browsers on each device, I only use a browser to open Nimbus on any device which is connected the internet to deliver & save my SEO research. All I do is enter the selected keywords to rank for and Nimbus will solve all the remaining works, from any mobile device. This tool’s so easy to use that I don’t need to download or install anything.

  1. Backlink Reports for Intel to Outrank Your Competitor with a few clicks :

Nimbus’ backlink reporting is the most advanced in the same functional tools.

I select which sites i want to beat and Nimbus will get me the exact location of their backlinks with 2 clicks, Nimbus put in all the backlinks pointing to my selected site and prioritizes them for me.

It’s going to show me how i can easily compete for the keywords i really want, know what backlinks to target and where to get them. Nimbus gives me the exact page the backlink is on. Moreover, This tool gives me what anchor text is linked to on the site. Simply, I go to the site and add my own link. As a result, I get the same backlinks which my competition has only in 30 seconds and does for every competitor site. It’s a piece of cake :)

  1. SEO Training from Newbie to Advanced :

Nimbus’s easy to use even if you’re a newbie. Using Nimbus can help you improve the SEO skills through writing an on-page SEO article, researching buyer-intent keywords and checking out backlinks of your competitor.

  1. Case Studies

Nimbus not only brings you the great tools and SEO strategies which help you attract the customers’ attention and click on but Nimbus – SEO Artificial Intelligence Tool also provides you value-first Case studies. This is held for every week. Through this Case Studies, you are able to make more sales all months long.

  1. SEO Backlinks Resources :

This feature is the result of researching backlinks from your competitor. You know your competitor put their links in which backlink resources.

  1. SEO Targeted Traffic Conversion Checklist (responsible for over 250K/mo Revenue)
  2. SEO Backlink Checklist

And Special bonuses for Webinar-only Customers : This is a special bonus when you buy Nimbus now. I think you should try


Who Need to Use Nimbus?

Nimbus is perfect for :

Why Should You Buy Nimbus?

I don’t know if you have ever used any SEO tool like Nimbus before but I think that you should try to use it for your online work.

I give 4 main reasons which I’m sure that after reading them, you want to buy Nimbus right now.

  • Nimbus research and save your SEO on-the-go on any device. This helps you simplify your SEO research.
  • Nimbus helps your website have a higher rank than your competitor in 30 seconds.

With this tool, you can see the links, anchor text, what type of link, dofollow, and much more in the robust backlink report. You can replicate easily what your competitors are doing and outrank them.

  • Artificial intelligence maps out your SEO strategies :

Nimbus helps you create the complete SEO strategies and teach you about SEO tactics from basic to advance. Your website is ranked faster, easier with the support of a total human touch and assistance which is added to non-human friendly data.

  • Providing keywords that are particularly targeted for eCom stores, YouTube videos, local searches, and digital products

This helps your focus keywords ranked faster, higher and more exactly when customers search for the products to buy in different ways basing on their intentions.

I just think of a reason which can make you reluctant to buy this tool. Its cost is quite high – $597. But if you look at all the features that Nimbus brings, $597 is no big deal. Do you look for any SEO tool which is the best but costs less than $300? The answer is always no.

To help you get this great SEO tool, I will give you a special discount – up to 80%. You will buy Nimbus with the lower price if you click on any link in my Nimbus SEO review. Don’t worry! You’ll be refunded 100% money if you don’t satisfy with the quality of Nimbus. What are you waiting for? Click on the below link to buy Nimbus now!

nimbus review


In my opinion, the tool is very easy to use and it’s all that you expect it to. If you are researching a link, you should give this a try. I hope my Nimbus review can help you make a true decision : Buy or not? You can buy Nimbus on any website but it will be my happiness if you buy it on my website. Don’t forget to subscribe my website before leaving it. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for reading my Nimbus review. Aryan simon blog

Huge Bonus Package From My Website – Nimbus Review


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