Shorty WP Review – Is It Legit or Scam?

Shorty WP Review – Overview

  • Product Creator : Gobala Krishnan
  • Product Name : Shorty WP Cloaker & CPA Booster
  • Launch Date : 2016-04-21 at 9:00 am EST
  • Price : $17
  • Sales Page : >>>CLICK HERE<<<
  • Niche : WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Marketing


Shorty Standard Review

What is Shorty WP?

Shorty is an all-in-one affiliate link management, redirect, conversion tracking and intelligent reporting system designed for affiliates who want to take charge of their own data.

With Shorty, you can easy cloak your affiliate links, track affiliate commissions on all major affiliate networks, track your PPC or Facebook ad costs and profitability, and much more!

What are The Amazing Features of Shorty WP Cloaker?

1. Shorten & Track Links

Transform long, ugly affiliate links into short tracking links with your own domain name. Research has proven that your customers are more likely to click on links that look clean & natural.

2. Cloak & Mask Affiliate Links

Hide your affiliate links to prevent affiliate link hijacking. Why would you let those sneaky little marketers steal your commissions and rob you of your hard work?

3. Auto Geographical Redirects

Automatically convert keywords on any post, page or comment into a tracked affiliate link, driving sales and commissions instantly. Now, even that blog post you wrote three years ago is a money-maker.

4. Turn Keywords Into Links

Automatically convert keywords on any post, page or comment into a tracked affiliate link, driving sales and commissions instantly. Now, even that blog post you wrote three years ago is a money-maker.

5. Import Affiliate Reports

Easily import commission reports from your favorite affiliate network, and it shows up in your reports. Shorty’s unique technology is mind-blowingly simple and works with all major affiliate networks.

6. See Conversion Timeline

Get incredible insights into each sale, lead or affiliate commission you generate. Our unique timeline report lets you see the trail of your visitor, from the first click to the latest purchase.

7. User Access Levels

Control who can see what based on the user levels on your WordPress blog. Easily work with a team to add and update links and campaigns, while hiding confidential data.

8. Centralized Reports

Track all your affiliate promotions, PPC ads, solo emails, forum signatures, banner ads and more in one central dashboard. Easily see your best traffic sources, visitors, revenue, cost, profit, and ROI.


How Does It Work?

You watch the following videos understand how Shorty works. I think It’s too enough to say that “Shorty WP Cloaker Plugin is perfect”


Who Need to Use It?

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Internet Marketers

Why Should You Buy It?

With all features are listed above, I totally believe that you will satisfy about this plugin.

Shorty can help you to organize your affiliate links, cloak and hide them, track affiliate commissions, and much more.

One of the more popular features is Shorty’s ability to automatically convert keywords on any post, page or comment into a cloaked affiliate link! Try it out on this page by creating a new link and assigning a keyword to it that appears on this page.

The price is $17 – very cheap as compared to other plugins of this category.


I hope you would find much useful information about Shorty WP Cloaker. And now! Don’t hesitate to buy it. Click on the below button to purchase it right now.



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