Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 Review – Sell Your Own Product x 5 = These Sold $400k

Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 ReviewAre you looking for detailed information about Affiliate Funnel Bots 2? Let’s check out my Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 Review. I will deliver all the information you need to know about this product.

Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 Review
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If you want to make money online, you need 3 things:

  1. a high-converting product of your own
  2. an email list of customers
  3. free viral traffic …

That way, you can …

  • make sales & build a list …
  • generate affiliate commissions …
  • and get swarms of buyers!

Sounds great, right? But there’s a problem. To get customers, leads & traffic, you need:

  • A product to sell – preferred software, which can cost $ 10k!
  • A squeeze page – which can cost over $ 1,000
  • A sales video – at $ 1,500 and up!

All in all, you’re looking at $ 1,000 to $ 15,000 just to get started. And that’s just for ONE funnel, promoting ONE product.

No wonder the average person “knows” they need a product, and need to build a list. But just doesn’t have the ability to make it work in 2019! So. what if you don’t have that kind of time or money? Don’t worry, Affiliate Funnel Bot 2 will help you. With the 2nd upgrade with a lot of new features added, it will solve your difficulties today. Check out my review today and see its amazing power.

Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 Review – Overview

Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 Review

Creator:Chris X et al
Product:Affiliate Funnel Bots 2
Launch Date:2019-Sep-23
Launch Time:10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$47
Sale Page:Click here
Guarantee:30 days money-back guarantee
Recommend:100% recommend

Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 Review

What is Affiliate Funnel Bots 2?

Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 is cloud-based software, which creates complete affiliate marketing and resell rights campaigns. The software allows you to profit & build a list as a product owner and an affiliate. With FunnelBots, you can…

  • Sell 10 of top-selling software tools from JVZoo (that sold over 30,000 units).
    You will be able to sell the products on JVZoo, ClickBank, etc… keep 100% of the profits & get all the leads!
  • and sell 40 of the top-selling affiliate programs on JVZoo, ClickBank, WarriorPlus & Amazon.

You will be able to promote these products and build a list at the same time. For each of these 50 products, they have created…

  1.  done for you videos – professionally created
  2.  headlines & sales copy
  3.  pre-created links – just replace with your own ID

All of this is then pre-loaded into the Affiliate Funnel Bots.

Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 Review – Key Features

With FunnelBots, You’re Getting 3 Software Tools In 1

Software #1 The Squeeze Page Builder – To build your list with

Simply choose from 20 stunning templates. Then integrate ANY autoresponder in 1 click. Add 47 affiliate links to monetize in 1 click. And start building your list – today!

Software #2 Sales Letter Builder – To sell your own product.

Pre-loaded with resell rights to 7 of our top-selling software tools! With 10 high-converting VSL design templates. Done-for-you sales videos. And 1 click integration with all these payment providers!

Software #3 Done For You Traffic campaigns

Once your campaign is a funnel, you’ll want to get traffic and that’s why Funnel Bots contains done-for-you campaigns for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Google. With pre-researched keywords & interests…Built right into the software!

Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 Review

About the Creator – Chris X

Chris X owns dozens of bestselling products on Jvzoo, ClickBank, Warrior plus great if you get the right to resell them 100%. His products have been proven through great sales.

Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 Review Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 Review

Who Should Use It?

I think Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 perfectly fits with people who are working as:

· Marketers

· Social Media Marketers

· Online Marketers

· Entrepreneurs

· Businesses


· And Much More

Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 Review – How Does It Use?

All of this is then pre-loaded into the Affiliate Funnel Bots.

Your customer can simply…

STEP 1 – Login to Affiliate Funnel Bots via their browser

STEP 2 – Choose from 40 products to promote/sell (affiliate or resell rights)

STEP 3 – Choose from 20 VSL & squeeze page design templates

STEP 4 – Customize the template (tweak headline, change colors, integrate your autoresponder/buy links, etc)

STEP 5 – Upload the design to your site, then rinse & repeat with 40 products!

Evaluation and Price

REMEMBER: the front-end gives your customers INSANE value (with $ 300k of resell rights … funnels … designs … affiliate campaigns … etc)
And below is the full price of the product and its upgrades

FRONTEND – AffiliateFunnelBot 2.0 $27

The frontend includes the core “4-in-1” software with 40 affiliate campaigns + 10 resell rights campaigns built-in.

Plus, a 30-page quick-start guide and training videos.

Here are some bullet points for what’s included…

Squeeze Page Builder – to build your list
20 stunning squeeze templates
Integrate ANY autoresponder in 1 click
40 affiliate programs in 1 click
Pre-loaded affiliate programs
PLUS: 2x Pre-loaded product give-aways for the IM niche!

Sales Letter Builder – to sell your own product
10x DoneFor Resell rights Products
10x of our top-selling software tools
10 stunning VSL templates
1 click payment integration

Done For You Campaigns
Whether you choose to affiliate or info product, its all done for you:
30 Done-for-you sales videos
20 done-for-you affiliate video reviews
40 done-for-you headlines
40 done-for-you campaigns for : Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Google – with pre-researched keywords & interests

UPSELL 1 – AffiliateFunnelBot ELITE – $37

ELITE is an upgrade that gives customers an expansion pack with 30x extra campaigns.

That’s 5 more resell rights products, and 25 extra affiliate campaigns.

Once again, all of these have everything done for them – with pre-made videos, headlines, affiliate links etc.

PLUS, we give them an extra 10 design templates (5x VSL and 5x squeeze pages).

UPSELL 2 – AffiliateFunnelBot DONE FOR YOU – $67

With DONE FOR YOU, we give customers the ability to infinitely expand their campaigns… with resell rights!

We do this with 4 software tools…

#1 The Resell Bots WordPress theme! — This new software gives you a complete digital product stores in seconds, pre-loaded with software tools that earned me over $300,000…

#2 The Traffic DB software – with thousands of Internet marketing websites to get traffic from (to promote your new store)

#3 Resell DB software – contains thousands of hot products that we can easily license & resell…so users can expand their store, add even more products – and scale up

#4 Rapid Video Creator software – THE the fastest way to create sales videos, for the thousands of products you’ll find inside the Resell DB software. So we can sell unlimited products – with unlimited sales videos. And generate massive sales and leads – with your very own info product business!

UPSELL 3 – AffiliateFunnelBot PRO – $27 per month

A special deal to get access to 30 software tools (that sold over $1,000,000 of units) from all my previous launches on CB & JVZoo.

Includes tools for resell rights, video, affiliate marketing, traffic, website-builders & much more!

UPSELL 4 – AffiliateFunnelBot EXTREME – $97

The core part of this offer is my “DayJobKiller” course, which sold over $100k units at $247 and $497.

This package teaches people how to sell their own info products, as taught by me – one of the all-time top vendors on JVZoo & ClickBank HISTORY!

There are 50 training videos included and 8 insane software tools, all focused on allowing people to quickly create their software/info product empire.

The launch product costs $ 27, but I have some great discount codes for you right here.

  • MONDAY – LAUNCH DAY – until midnight Eastern

Price of $27, but with $10OFF coupon “MONDAY” <– $17 price

  • TUESDAY – until midnight Eastern

Price of $27, but with $8OFF coupon “TUESDAY” <– $19 price

  • WEDNESDAY – until midnight Eastern Wednesday

Price of $27, but with $5OFF coupon “Wednesday” <– $22 price

Get your discount code today

Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 Review

Last thoughts and conclusion

You have finally reached the bottom line of my Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 Review! Thank a bunch for sticking with me until now. So, what do you think of Affiliate Funnel Bots 2? Is it an incredible product that deserves to be taken home straight off? If I were you, the answer would definitely be “Yes”! I know you are probably thinking the same thing, so I will not waste your time any longer and wrap this article up right here. Go and get your brand new powerful assistant!

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Affiliate Funnel Bots 2 Review

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