EZ Magic Video Review – The Truth Behind this Video Creation Tool

It is important how to choose the software that makes the video that best fits the content of the video you are about to produce. My EZ Magic Video Review will help you.


EZ Magic Video Review

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2018 marks the rise of video marketing throughout the social networking site. Most businesses follow this trend with the desire to attract thousands of prospective customers. I am sure to you that people have been loath to read long, boring texts. They are tending to switch to watching videos.

However, it is unfortunate. There are two main problems we are having:

Costs money for a professional actor

Not only do you have to spend hundreds of dollars on these members, but you also have to write a script for them. This is a towel lock if you are not a professional copywriter.

Existing software spokespersons are hard to control

People in done for you templates are not flexible and professional.

Today, I will share with you a tool that has just been released this morning. It will help you have a video with the most professional and attractive editors.

Stay tuned for my EZ Magic Video review to learn more.

EZ Magic Video Review

A quick overview of EZ Magic Video

Product:EZ Magic Video
Launch Date:2019 – July – 18
Launch Time:
Skill:All Levels
Front-End Price:$30
Recommend:Highly recommend

What is EZ Magic video about?

EZ Magic Video is a video creation tool with quality spokespersons. You can use it to promotional videos with just 60 seconds. The best thing about this tool is that you can customize the spokesperson and the background as you like.

This software includes the male and female character for you to choose from when building your video content.

There are also many powerful features and I will continue to share them in the section below.

Creator of EZ Magic Video

EZ Magic Video Review

Matt was the creator of this tool. He is a video marketer and SEO expert.

I am sure that you can easily see his name in the rankings. As I found out, his products all received positive feedback from users.

Up to this point, he has released many quality products. Therefore, you can trust him.

Outstanding Features and Benefits of Ez Magic video

Some features that only this tool owns:


  • World’s No. 1 quality spokesperson software


This software is built by a professional marketer. You can see a lot of testimonials from marketers after using it on its sales page.


  • The spokesperson works correctly


Unlike other software, this software allows you to choose exactly what your professional spokesperson says. 

Hundreds of videos are made available

You will own a collection of pre-made videos. All you need to do is select what you want and customize it as you like.


  • 100% cloud-based


You will never have to install or download any content.


  • Multi-language support


You can choose all kinds of language for your videos. This helps you to connect with many customers around the world


  • Customize videos fast


You can easily add music, photos, customize the background image below and add your brand with just a few clicks. It does not require you to have any skills or experience.

How to Use It?

EZ Magic Video works with 3 simple steps below

  • Step 1: Choose a male or female spokesman
  • Step 2: Build your file
  • Step 3: Video options at your disposal
  • Step 4: Export

As far as I can see, in just a few minutes, you can create marketing videos with a quality spokesman. Also, you can follow step-by-step video tutorials to work more efficiently and quickly.

EZ Magic Video Review

Who Should Use It?

In my opinion, anyone who is making money online needs video. Therefore, this tool is essential for everyone.

You have to catch the trend right now so you don’t fall back.

EZ Magic video really for:

Pros and Cons


  • Work quickly and efficiently
  • No watermark in the videos has been made available
  • Enthusiastic counselor and every time
  • Works on any device
  • Works in all hot niches
  • Includes huge music collection
  • Pay only once
  • Refund within 30 days


  • Honestly, I didn’t find any problems when using this software. All you need is to check the internet connection before you start working.

Price and Evaluation 

This tool costs $ 25. You will get all the features that I mentioned above. This is the highest price drop today. Therefore, I recommend that you act as soon as possible.

Also, when you buy it in today, you will get some valuable bonuses like


  • Quick action bonus 1 – Unlimited dealer license – $ 97


With this bonus, you can resell videos to other businesses for absolute profit.


  • Fast action bonus 2 – An intensive training program – $ 97


In this course, Matt will show you how to look for businesses that are willing to pay for your videos.

I see these 2 bonus sets are pretty awesome. You will get many benefits when using them. However, after the launch days, you will not be able to buy it at this price and not get these bonuses. Don’t hesitate too long.

Last Thoughts 

Making money marketing videos is never a path full of roses. To succeed, you need to be creative, hard-working and persistent to achieve your goals. Success only comes to those who are enthusiastic, passionate and know how to exploit their strengths. The above is just a tool in the multitude of tools I have evaluated in the past years.

 If you have any need for software manuals or video-related questions, please contact us for your answers. Thank you for following my EZ Magic video review.

Good luck!

EZ Magic Video Review


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