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iiStores Review – Physical Product Affiliate App Generates Evergreen Income for Newbies & Everyone Else In 1-3 Hours


Hello everyone, I am Ella. Up to now, I have attended 24 Christmas seasons with my family, so you know how old I am, aren’t I? Just be joking! 

I know you are looking for the information about the iiStores software and today is your lucky day. A few days ago, I had to sit a computer for many hours to learn about this product. I even read dozens of iiStores reviews, and I found that most of them appreciate it. I am also very curious, so I decided to buy it and wrote a few lines of my comments to the readers.

Keep reading this iiStores review to discover the exciting things.


iiStores Review – Overview

  • Product Creator: Mark Bishop
  • Product Name: iiStores Pro
  • Price: $37.97
  • Sales Page: >>>CLICK HERE<<<
  • Niche: Software


What is iiStores?

iiStores is a hybrid affiliate software or app designed by Mark Bishop, 3a talented internet marketer, which combines the three leading eCom platforms namely Amazon, Ebay and Aliexpress into a perfect software and iiStores is not an eCom. This software is created to help you make income online easily and quickly.

iiStores gives you the effectively closed business model: Research -> Deploy -> Traffic -> Profit along with the full step-by-step training, and you can quickly get acquainted with this app.

This is the interface of iiStores; you can see:


Before I refer to the operation of this system, I will give the fascinating features of iiStores.

The Amazing Features For The Ultimate Income Solution

  • Analyze carefully and drill into any niche or area of interest to ascertain the best sellers on Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress. It always maintains the success for each business.
  • Deploy the multi platforms obtained store builder on the custom built themes
  • Only select the best-selling products from 3 platforms searched with Keyword, Category, Price, Reviews and ASIN
  • Import, stock, and build with just a few simple clicks
  • Embed referral links automatically on each product
  • The platform reviews are integrated with, and this is great for SEO
  • The customer reviews feature is added on the site.
  • Content curation feeds in (Auto-builds attached blog for SEO)
  • Video curation feeds in (YouTube & Vimeo for SEO)
  • Content Spinning
  • FB Retargeting
  • Google Analytics/ Conversion Tracking code
  • Built in traffic curation module

iiStores Review – Best Features

Auto content building

iiStores has a multi-point curation feature which lets you pre-select the curation source as well as add in the URL of any blog or RSS feed so you can pull in the content to build out your Hub blog on autopilot. If you want to focus on SEO, you can still acquire organic traffic from throughout the internet by using pre-built in this multi-source curation.

Video Curation

As you know that videos are traffic magnets and Video Curation is created to help you search and import based on your phrase and criteria.

Besides, you can add lots of the related videos to your posts in only seconds, with 2 or 3 clicks.

SociPost – Instant Traffic

This Instant Traffic social posting feature lets you post ad style ‘Item Linked’ snippets with images to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter with just one click for instant traffic to your iiStore offers and listings… No setup or learning curve required; It is simple as Select – Click – Post – Traffic. You don’t even need to add your details for this to work.

How Does It Work?

I swear if you watch to the end of this demo video, you will click on the “BUY” button immediately without reading the whole review.

Why Should You Buy It?

To answer this question, I will give two main reasons I bought iiStores that:

First, I am like you; I read a lot of the information about it and 80% customers comment positively; and I also visited its Sales Page to learn more about purchasing policies, they said that I had the right to return within 30 days with 100% money refunded.

There is no reason to refuse, so I bought this software quickly as a flash.

After a using time, I continue to give the 2nd reason you should buy iiStores Pro.

  • Unique App

iiStores puts you at the forefront which is an ocean of the potential niches and areas of the interest at your fingertips.

All the products you can ever want to satisfy any niche are yours to sell over and over again because they are the products which people need and want to buy.

  • Step By Step Formula

Anyone can produce super-fast passive income streams in hours with little cost:

  • About $20 per Hub
  • One to Three hours to work
  • It doesn’t require any experience

Also, Some benefits of iiStores make me amazed:

– It is quite easy to understand and implement – even for complete newbies.

– Making money quickly, only in a few days.

– Being scalable. With this business model, You can earn up $500/month and even scale up $10.000/month.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Buy iiStores?

Nothing at all

You will continue to do whatever you were doing before, struggling with affiliate marketing, or with whatever else you chose, being tired and annoyed with the lack of results and the bleak work and cost, and perhaps you just get lucky but then again, You can not.

If you don’t try iiStores, you will be missing out on a truly unique and complete eCom Affiliate marketing solution which is built on a formula that puts you ahead of the competition and in front of the buyers in hours.


I will finish this iiStores review with my thanks to you because you do not regret your precious time to read it.

I hope that you get valuable information about the iiStores Pro software. Your decision. Your success.

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