Socicake Review – Should You Put Your Trust In the Tool All in One?

Social media marketing takes you a lot of unnecessary time, but instead, you can use it for business development. My Socicake review below may help you reduce the burden on this.


With the explosion of social networks in recent years, there are now 58% of the world’s advertising marketing companies officially putting social media into their business campaigns. Vietnam is a country with a high percentage of social network users in the region.

There is no denying the important role of social media for small businesses. The social presence will help foster relationships with customers and enhance their loyalty to the brand. It is also a communication channel that customers want building brands. However, as the owner of a small business, your time is very limited and if you want to do it yourself, you waste more time (and be distracted by other things). Therefore, automating and using applications can be helpful for you in finding content, sharing, and replying to comments. Here is a tool that may be useful to you. Don’t take your eyes off the next part of my Socicake review.

Socicake Review – Overview

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Vendor:Mario Brown
Product:SociCake Local Edition
Launch Date:2019-July-12
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$37

Sales Page: 


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What Is Socicake?

SociCake Local Edition is a powerful communication toolset. This tool helps you attract customers and convert into potential customers to dominate the Facebook market.

In addition, this tool includes DFY versions that are made available for you to work more time-saving.

We will learn about the powerful features of this toolkit in my next section. Now, let’s learn about the person behind this software.

About the Author

Socicake Review – Should You Put Your Trust In the Tool All in One? 1

Mario Brown is the one who created this product. He owns many great products in the market. I am sure that if you work in marketing, you will no longer feel strange about his name.

Not only is a successful marketer, but he is also a great consultant. Up to this point, he has owned many great products. They brought a big buzz to his name. Some of his products are Automated Webinar Profits, FBV Commission Profits, FB Video Ads Mastery, Online Marketing Mastery Live and Insta Stories 2.0 Agency Edition.

Socicake Review – Features and Benefits

Now, let’s learn about the benefits within this tool

Socicake tool 1: Messenger Bot Builder

This tool will automatically create your pages into automatic conversation streams. You can use these streams to generate traffic or convert customers into potential customers or shoppers.

Socicake 2 tool: Broadcast messages

This tool helps you advertise and track messages in your site participants. You can stream your content unlimitedly to your fans. Every work process only takes place with a few clicks.

Socicake tool 3: Comment Bot

With this tool, you can set up automated feedback for people when they comment on your posts. You can set up an automatic or manual autoresponder.

Socicake 4 tool: Content designer and FB ad

This is the premium and professional DFY collection. It includes Timeline covers, Facebook ads, viral quote, meme, Facebook posts and more.

In addition, the tool includes 1,432 quality designs, 7, 5 million stock design assets and more than 450,000 viral quotes.

Socicake tool 5: Rich post editor

This tool will help post become more rich and attractive. This will help you attract more customers. Your post will look more appealing with italics, bold, underline, emoticons and more.

Socicake tool 6: Post office management

This tool helps you schedule posts, video posts, photo posts to upload to social networking sites automatically.

Socicake tool 7: Image can click

This tool will help you redirect customers to your site when they click on the image. You can schedule images for customers to click on link Facebook accounts from a control panel.

Socicake 8 tool: Fans FB

This tool helps you grow to convert higher customers. It will help you increase your fans on your fan page.

Socicake 9 tool: Optin link

You can capture the names and email addresses of clickers without landing pages or any form of opt-in.

This tool will help you convert thousands of customers when they click your link.

Socicake 10 tool: FB Livecast tool

This is probably the work that you are expecting. It will help you upload the previous record onto your timeline. Your video will be played live on multiple accounts in one dashboard.

Socicake tool 11: MULTIPLE ARTICLES 

All your posts will be synced. You will receive potential customers and profits only on Facebook that handcuffs from other major social platforms.

Socicake tool 12: Content tool 

This tool will help you create content with the keywords you provide. You can select the content you want in more than 100 million completed articles for you.

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How Does It Work?

In just 3 simple steps, you can start earning profits immediately:

  • Step 1: Log in to Socicake
  • Step 2: Choose a template and start customizing
  • Step 3: Collect customers and earn profits

Who Should Use It?

As far as I can see, this tool is really for all businesses or individuals who are making money online. I mentioned this product to you if you are working in one of the following areas:

Pros and Cons


  • The website is ready
  • Pro developed professionally (PowerPoint & Word)
  • Commercial graphic templates are ready to print
  • The cold call email sequence is highly optimized
  • Phone marketing scripts are sold
  • Gorgeous creative facebook ads
  • Lawyers draw customized legal contracts


  • I did not find out any disadvantages.

Price and Evaluation

What do you think if I say you will get these 12 tools for only $ 37? This is really a great offer for you. However, you can only buy it for this price today and the next few days. Please act as soon as possible to get the highest discount from the supplier.

In addition, you can visit your sales page to know more about some other new upgrades to expand your business market.

Socicake Review – Conclusion

Socicake is really software worth a try. I hope your work will become lighter and higher after you use this tool. If you have anything else to know about it, please give me a comment below.

Thank you for following my Socicake review. Goodbye and see you again!

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