Tee Inspector Review

Tee Inspector Review – About the Author

Dave Guindon is a well respected software developer and webmaster. He is also a very successful online marketing entrepreneur. He has developed the Tee Inspector so that you can enjoy the same success that he has had selling shirts on Teespring.

How it Works

The Tee Inspector is a software that has two important aspects to it. It helps you discover which types of designs are selling well on Teespring so that you can concentrate on these designs to help maximise your profits. It also has a number of tools that makes it easier for you to market and promote these designs on Facebook and other social media sites.

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Tee Inspector Review – Product Pros

The purpose of this Tee Inspector Review is to highlight some of the advantages to using this product and they are described below.

  • The research software allows you to easily find out which designs are the best sellers and this information can be used for you to decide on the most profitable designs for you to create.
  • Step by step instructions are given on how to easily create shirt designs, even if you have no experience in clothing design.
  • Information is available about which days of the week are better for selling your designs, and even what times of the day. This will allow you to make more sales and earn more money.
  • The data bank tool allows you to quickly create Teespring campaigns and Facebook ads, saving you valuable time and letting you get your marketing campaigns started quicker.

Tee Inspector Review – Product Conclusion

This software provides you with all the information that you need in order to start your own successful business, selling shirts on Teespring. Everything is explained in great detail by Dave Guindon through a series of videos which cover the entire process from the research stage, to designing your shirts and finally the marketing of your products.


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