The Map To Online Affiliate Success

The Map To Online Affiliate Success

One thing I know is that it’s easy to get information overload.  You can get books hundreds of pages long that don’t explain the full process of Internet marketing.  They may give you one particular aspect or technique, but very few will spill the beans and give you the whole nut without charging you some ridiculous amount up front.

Again, what I am doing here is providing you the top quality “insider” information because my goal is not to gouge you on the front end to obtain the information.  My goal is to get you up and running quickly and profitably so that we can BOTH make money together.

We are going to be business partners!  (That’s my hope anyway…)

So, without further ado, here is the million-dollar information:

If you want to make it online, this is the process.  Period.

The Map To Online Affiliate Success – PICK A PROFITABLE NICHE.

First: determine what interests you. It will be difficult to make money if you are just plodding along at something that doesn’t interest you.  That’s what you do at work and that’s the place you’re trying to get AWAY from.  So, don’t just pick a niche because you think it will make you a lot of money.  Pick a niche because it genuinely interests you.  Make a list of your interests.

Then consider how you can make money from them.  To do this, go to Google and type in your hobby or passion. Say it’s “golf” or “dogs”  Whatever, type it into the search box. Look at the sponsored links above and to the right of the organic listings.  People are paying money for those sponsored links.

What are they selling?  How are they profiting from the niche you’re interested in?  Can YOU make money in the same way?  Are they selling a physical product?  A service?   What are they doing?  Get your own creative juices flowing.

HINT: If you put your hobby or passion in and it is very little in the sponsored links, chances are it’s not a market that has money available to you.  You need to focus on a niche that can make you money. On the other hand, it is most likely just a hobby or charity rather than a business.


Okay, once you have picked your niche, next we will create a product. You’re going to create a 10 to 50-page report on the topic of your niche. Turn it into a.PDF.  You MUST have a product.  It may be your main product or it may be an entry product to get people onto your list.  Don’t overthink this.  Get a product.  Write it, have it written for you, whatever.  Just get it done.  You have one week.  GO!


You must develop a killer sales letter. Think back to the programs you have signed up for.  Why did you sign up for THEM?  You read some awesome sales copy.  They pushed your emotional hot buttons.  Number one thing to do.


You need your squeeze page and setup in Clickbank, JVZoo or some affiliate network to handle the sales of your product. This might be a simple one item funnel, OR it might be an entire funnel with multiple upsells, one-time-offers, down sells, etc…  Remember, the NUMBER ONE GOAL is NOT to make a sale.

It’s to GET THE CUSTOMER ON YOUR MAILING LIST!!!  Do not ever lose sight of this.  Your number 1 goal is to build a great potential buyer list. NOTE: This is the technical part where people get stuck in the weeds.  Don’t get stuck.  Power through it.  If you need help PM me and I’ll help you.)


The most efficient and effective way to get your product into the most hands is to have others help you to get the word out. Before your big launch, get as many affiliates on board and ready to promote your product to their mailing lists.

You’re not going to spend your time seeking individual customers, you’re going to spend your time focusing on getting AFFILIATES to drive MASSIVE traffic to your site!!!  You can find affiliates by joining groups in your niche and making contacts with them.


On the appointed day….BLAST-OFF! If it’s an Internet marketing product you should have it listed in Muncheye.com and other affiliate calendars at least two weeks before.

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THIS is where you make your BIG money. You need a combination of low-ticket, medium-priced, and then HIGH TICKET items to sell your customers.  So, maybe it’s a $9.97 product > $17 product > $47 product > $197 product > $397 product > $1,997 product.  Maybe somewhere in there is a membership site that’s like $47 per month.


Over and over and over again.  Maybe once per month or every two months.  Build your sales funnel and build your LIST!!!  (Remember the saying, “Money is in the list!”


Between launches of your own product, continue to market to your list. Provide them with a combination of high-value free information that keeps them interested and engaged. At least 3 times per week send them a quality offer for a product that you believe in with your affiliate link.  As your list grows, you will make more money from these mailings.  So, you see you alternate between product CREATOR and AFFILIATE to promote others’ products.


Okay, so once you have one successful sales funnel, go work on another one in a DIFFERENT niche. Or a different sub-niche.  When you have several good funnels built your leads will be coming in on auto-pilot.  It will take a minimum amount of effort to keep all of the balls spinning in the air.  You will have attained SUCCESS!  Remember: The more “buy buttons” you have out there, the more money you will make.

It’s really this simple.

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Right there you have EVERYTHING you need to go build your digital empire!

Clear the confusion from your head.

Fully 99% of people will not get it.  99% will continue buying programs, systems, and the next shiny object that comes along.  You can stop the madness right here.

This is the golden goose.  Don’t kill it.

Study it.

Contemplate it.

This is where things begin to get exciting.

Did this make sense?

I would love to hear from you as you put the plan into action and begin to make money.

Drop me a line at aryamsuport@gmail.com


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