Tips to Create a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program

Create a Successful Affiliate Marketing ProgramAre you looking for a clever way to create a successful affiliate marketing program? A rewarding program that will not only help you expand your reach but also ensure that you use the least amount of money in investments.

We got your back.

This guide is designed to help you create a cheap affiliate marketing program that will help you get rid of salaried sales teams. It will also help you build ‘juicy’ backlinks, something which will increase your site’s indexing speed and boost your organic ranking, among other benefits.

So, what’s affiliate marketing, and how do you create the best affiliate marketing program?

Investopedia defines affiliate marketing as an advertising model where a company pays third party publishers commissions for generating leads or extra traffic to the company’s service pages or product pages. The third-party publishers here are the affiliates.

How Much Can You Earn as An Affiliate Marketer?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho How Much Can You Earn as An Affiliate Marketer?

As an affiliate marketer you can earn over $50, 000 each year. According to a 2016 survey by VigLink, 9 percent of the surveyed publishers earn over $50, 000 in affiliate commissions. Sixty percent said that 5 percent and 20 percent of their yearly revenue comes from affiliate programs.

From another survey that Rakuten Affiliate Network commissioned, affiliate marketing is predicted to soar in the region of $6.8 billion by 2020. From this survey, 90 percent of advertisers alleged that the affiliate programs they were into were integral to their marketing strategy.

Most of them also believe that affiliate partnerships bring over 20 percent of their total yearly revenue. Now, the best part of affiliate marketing is that you only need a reliable program to get started.

After you’ve got a solid program, you can easily earn money using an autopilot. It’s easy, but it involves some elbow grease when you’re just getting started. There are some mistakes that you must avoid achieving success.

Developing a Solid Affiliate Program? 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid:

Here’s a breakdown of five mistakes you should avoid when launching an affiliate program.

  1. Thinking that it’s a get rich quickly scheme:

Affiliate marketing can be a steady stream of effortless wealth that’s never-ending. It won’t come easy though. It demands a considerable amount of effort when it comes to promoting the site, generating traffic, and, most importantly, the click-throughs.

  1. If your target audience will come to the site naturally:

You must be proactive in terms of utilizing marketing techniques like social media marketing to link building and SEO, etc. for people to notice your site and click on your affiliate links.

  1. Littering your site with ads:

Banners and ads are great in promoting your website but having too much on your pages will make the pages appear unorganized, unprofessional, confusing. In the end, they’ll turn off your site visitors. The golden rule here is to only select a few affiliate partners who are masters of their art in your niche then stick with them.

  1. Failing to gauge the performance of your campaign:

You must monitor the results of the campaigns to ascertain that whatever you’re doing is relevant and working. It’s fundamental that you analyze the campaigns, so you understand when you’re on the right track and when you need to change or adjust your strategies.

  1. Providing shallow web content:

This is where most marketers go wrong. Most marketers casually pump any content onto their sites, not minding whether they’re irrelevant, outdated, or rather stale.

Here’s the point; you need high-value content to drive engagement to your site. If your readers are struggling to grasp something from the content you post, they won’t promote it on social media. They will also not invite anyone to the site.

Best Tips for Affiliate Marketers:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Best Tips for Affiliate Marketers

Here are the pro affiliate marketing tips to help you ace affiliate marketing.

  • Choose a Niche Market

Now, the easiest way to fail in affiliate marketing is trying to be the Jack of all trades. It can sound right talking about multiple topics on your site, but it will make it difficult defining readership and creating a readership for the website.

If you settle on a specific topic, you’ll get readers who are interested in the topic. As you post more valuable content, you build a relationship that translates to trust, making it easy for them to click your affiliate links and buy the products/services you promote.

Selecting a topic also establishes you as a subject matter expert, something which plays a critical role in the site ranking as search engines tend to rank sites based on the brand and authority which the sites command.

  • Find Niche Partners/Affiliate Programs

After choosing a niche, you can now set out to find the products or programs to promote. When selecting niche partners/affiliate programs, here are a few factors to consider:

  1. The merchants/affiliate marketers who are already using the program. This will be critical in helping you gauge the chances of success with the program.
  2. The average commission you’ll be earning from promoting the products/services. To find products with the best commissions, check out for these features;

If you’re promoting Click Bait products, the products must have high gravity ratings and offer over 50 percent in commissions. If you’re promoting Cost per Action (CPA) products, the commission should be above $1 and have lesser restrictions when it comes to promoting the products. If you’re interested in physical products, the commission must be above $40.

  1. Customer support. The program should have a good customer support that’ll be available anytime to help you understand anything that you need clarifications with.
  • Build Yourself an Affiliate Website

You must have a Content Management System (CMS) for promoting your products/services. Most experts recommend WordPress because it comes with an easy to use CMS, and you can also get started with most features without touching any line of code.

In building your website, you’ll need a domain name and hosting e.g., XYZaffiliates.com. After getting a domain name, you’ll go for an SSL certificate to enhance your site’s security that also boost ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

You can get these SSL certificates from trusted Certificate Authorities or buy it from reseller website. To ensure maximum security such that nobody can enter the communication passing between the browser and the user. To do this, you should go for organization validation certificate compare to domain validation certificate and you can go for dedicated SSL certificates like the GlobalSign OrganizationSSL (OV SSL) Certificate.

  • Build an Audience

You need a loyal audience to establish persuasive brand authority. They’ll also help you in getting more click-throughs by promoting your content on social media and inviting others to the site.

Here are some quick tips to help you build an audience:

  1. Promote your website on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.
  2. Create an email list.
  3. Utilize SEO best practices like on page SEO and Off page SEO to increase your organic traffic etc.
  4. You can also use paid advertising to help you get extra traffic to the site

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly simple, but like in any investment scheme, you must invest in it even just a little bit. When it comes to promoting your offers, though, you mustn’t oversell to your audience.

Speak about the value the products will add to their lives. You may also write real honest reviews of the items you promote, highlighting all the beneficial features, so your site visitors get first-hand information of what they’re willing to buy.


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