What Are Push Notifications?

Thepushhub helps to get a push notification is the message of the application to the user. In most cases, this is a notification that mainly contains text and can be seen in the form of an on-screen overlay. The advantage is that the message is also displayed on the smartphone, although the application is not active at the moment. We will offer 100% Free Services and you can get a huge benefit from us.

You should have already received a message that appears like this on your cell phone as in the image below, right? This is the most common way for the app to communicate with your user.

Whether it’s new messages in chat applications, apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, or notifications for updates from social apps or games. Whenever the app wants to communicate to the user who has something new, push notification will be the most efficient and quick way for the user to reopen the application.

The word Push translated from English means to push. Perhaps, in your daily life, you have already faced a written door with the push of English notice. Knowing that the term push is the “push” of this technology in sending the message, the word “notification” is assigned to the message received on your mobile phone.

Another important feature of this technology is that the application is not operating or open on receiving the message. Clicking on the notification will open the app, either on the first page or in a specific part.
Yes. When creating and publishing your app made on our platform, you can send push

notifications to users who have your application installed.
Use the notifications to push a message and pull the user to your App. We need the right language to make this feature useful. Just be careful not to send unnecessary or uninteresting push notifications, as overuse may prompt the user to uninstall your app.

The Notification Push is a type of message sent to mobile applications or general applications. It must provide pertinent content to its user for the purpose of engagement.
In the Application Factory push, notifications are available in the Special and Premium

plans and can be sent to iPhone and Android users after the app is published and
downloaded in the App Store and Play Store respectively.


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